Price-Match Policy

If you find an item in stock identical to that of an authorized Ottawa or surrounding area retailer advertised at a lower price, just show us the price and we'll match it.

Please note that this policy does not apply to Pre-orders, discounted items, limited or allocated items.

Estimated Shipping Times

Shipping may or may not take place from our location. Items normally will be shipped Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Orders are processed within 1-3 business days and ship within 5-8 business days. Total turnaround time (TAT) is 10-15 business days.

Refunds and returns

Event tickets, pre-orders and discounted Items are final sale therefore are not returnable. 

Charge backs or Paypal claims issued will result in a ban from all future events we host or co-host including both Capital City Bloodbath and Canhammer Team Tournament.

Tickets are transferable from player to player.

You have 30 days from the purchase of a product to make an exchange return in store on sealed products only.

If your purchase has a manufacturing defect you can contact the manufacturing company directly for a replacement.

Cancelling orders Policy

We reserve the right to cancel (and refund) any orders for any reasons which might involve: improper inventory, billing/shipping errors, extreme price change scenarios, or general malicious orders. If we discover inventory discrepancies, we may cancel that said item or cancel an order as a whole if we are unable to fulfill it. In this case, we'll notify you by email that we are unable to ship a specific item you have ordered so that we may lay out your options.

Games Workshop Trade Agreement

Under this agreement retailers cannot sell Games Workshop product outside of the country. All orders placed for Games Workshop outside of Canada will be cancelled and refunded.


Buylist Policy 

We will buylist all Magic: The Gathering Cards, Comics and Games Workshop Miniatures. Specific Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, sports cards, action figures or books will be purchases on a case by case basis.

If you choose to leave your items in our care for a buylist, you are required to pick up cash or unsold items within 7 days post buylist evaluation or will be assumed to have accepted the offer. Buylist evaluations will be completed by our staff in 7-10 days post drop off unless specified by a Red Dragon employee, they will contact you and mark the buylist as completed but not fulfilled. The fulfilment will happen once you visit us prior to the evaluation.    

Card Purchase Policy

As with any product in store - we have the right to refund and refuse any purchase of individual cards. In addition - to limit the abuse of purchasing limited products, we only allow the purchase of any single card FOUR TIMES for Magic: The Gathering, or THREE TIMES for Flesh and Blood or Yu-Gi-Oh! If you do not respect this limit we will refund the excess cards.


Play area rules

We can revoke your right to use our game-room or any services at any time. If you are banned from the store you are not permitted to make any purchase in our store, participate to any event, or enter the store. You may be no longer welcome to any of our locations (in addition to any legal pursuits), if you steal from us, repeatedly damage our goods, or act in a hostile, derogatory, discriminatory or violent manner towards any patron or staff. A staff member can also refuse service and ask you to leave the premises for any reason (they do not need to disclose this reason).