Trade In Used Models

Looking to trade in used models to Red Dragon? Look no further, here's the guide on our buylist system for drop-offs or shipping.

  1. Understanding our payment system:
    Red Dragon offers both cash or trade-in value. You may collect payment via physical cash, e-transfer or store credit placed on your Red Dragon account.

    We evaluate value based on:
    Quality - paint job, cleanliness, unbroken models.
    Stock - the more we have of a faction, the less we’re looking to buy. Vice versa. This varies, and often varies with which factions are the current best/worst. Higher demand = higher value. 

We will buy pretty much everything - have a pound of bits? We will bulk buy.

  1. E-mail us a list and pictures of what you have to Use this format (in this order):

    Would you prefer store credit or cash?: (We offer a 30% trade-in bonus).

    10 x Liberators

    5 x Judicators

    1 x Knight Incantor (New on Sprue)

    1 x Celestant Prime

Any notes, details or descriptions you’d like to add:

Don’t forget to attach photos

  1. Final Evaluation

    Drop off:
    During open hours, drop your buylist off at the front counter.. You will be presented with a buylist form stating our policies. Physical evaluations are done within the following two weeks.

    Shipping models:
    Follow our instructions below to ensure that your minis arrive safely; any poorly packaged boxes that arrive may result in a lower value than originally offered, we are not responsible for repairing/paying for returned shipping. Once they're packed up, ship them directly to our store at: c-6008 Voyageur Dr, Orléans, ON K1C 2K1

How to ship your minis to ensure they arrive safely:
You will need: An appropriate sized box, bubble wrap, packing paper, scotch tape, and packing tape.

Step 1: All minis need bubble wrap. Roll any fragile minis up individually in bubble wrap, fold the corners over, and use one piece of scotch tape to hold the wrap in place.
When dealing with sturdier units in big groups you can put them in a ziploc bag, squeeze the air out of the bag, and bubble wrap the entire bag following the same process.
Step 2: Place the wrapped items in the box and fill all empty space with packing paper.
Step 3: Tape the box closed and shake the box; if you hear any movement in the box then you need more packing paper or there's too much air in the bag! These are fragile plastic minis and any movement in the box greatly increases the chance of them arriving broken.

 For any questions, concerns or inquiries that do not include submitting buylists, please email us at